Puppy and Kitten Care

If you’re getting ready to bring home a new pet, you’re probably both nervous and excited – and maybe even a little overwhelmed. Our team at Chino Hills Parkway Pet Hospital provides a quick guide to help make your endeavor a successful one.

Puppy and Kitten Care

Preparing for Your New Pet

Have you or someone you know had a baby? If so, you know how much prep work goes on before the baby is born. There’s a lot of shopping, researching, baby-proofing, and more. Bringing home a puppy or kitten is similar. Granted, you don’t have to buy as much stuff or spend a whole year preparing, but some preparation is necessary.

For starters, you will need to get food made specifically for a puppy or kitten, as it is easier on the digestive tract than adult pet food. You will also need bowls to feed and water your new pet. Purchasing a bed, a leash for puppies, a litter box for kittens, and some toys are also important. You will want to do some kitty or puppy-proofing. Put away things you don’t want him chewing on. Crawl around to find any wires or dangerous items that he could get hurt on.

Bringing Your New Pet Home

Your work is just beginning when you bring your new pet home. In the beginning, much like a baby, he will need a lot of attention and care. Set aside time each day to cuddle and play. Also, the earlier you can set good habits, the better. If you don’t want him on your couch when he is bigger, don’t let him get up there when he is small. Doing so can set improper expectations. Be sure he knows where his bed and food are. Additionally, you will want to start house training early so that he starts building good habits when he is young.

Visiting Your Veterinarian for the First Time

Another important part of bringing home a new pet is taking him for his first veterinarian visit. He will receive a full head-to-tail exam, as well as any vaccinations he needs. Flea and tick control as well as heartworm control is available if there are any issues. This is one of the best ways to help your pet get a healthy start. The good thing about this visit is the support you will receive, too. From food recommendations to health and house training tips, your veterinarian can help you be the best pet parent possible.

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