Pet Wellness Exam

A wellness exam is a routine appointment to ensure that your pet is in optimal health. It is also something that many pet owners overlook. Our team at Chino Hills Parkway Pet Hospital shares why these appointments are so important and more in the guide below.  

Pet Wellness Exam

Why Is It Important for My Pet to Have Wellness Exams?

If you wake up feeling bad one day, what do you do? You might take some medicine, rest, or make an appointment with your doctor, depending on your symptoms.

Regardless of what steps you take, you can take them. You can get the medicine out of the cabinet, call your doctor, and drive. You can communicate your symptoms.

Your pet – on the other hand – cannot. They can’t tell you when something feels off or when they don’t feel good. They rely on you to take care of them. However, if you’re not an expert, you might not notice symptoms.

Bringing your pet in for regular wellness exams takes care of all of this. Even if your furry friend isn’t sick or showing obvious symptoms, our veterinarian can keep an eye out for the most subtle of signs. These exams are also a great way to keep your pet healthy through vaccines and preventative care.

How Often Should I Take My Pet for a Wellness Exam?

The schedule on which you should take your pet in will depend on various factors, including their age, overall health, lifestyle, and more. Generally, pets under one year old will often need wellness exams about every month, at which point they’ll receive their necessary vaccinations.

Unless there is a need for more constant monitoring, your pet should only need yearly exams once it hits one year old. Once they hit the senior stage, however, that might increase to semi-annual exams. Our veterinarian will keep you up to date on the schedule.  

What Should I Expect At These Exams?

You can expect our veterinarian to do everything necessary to make sure your pet is well cared for, including a discussion with you. During this time, we will ask questions about your pet’s daily life, diet, thirst, habits, behavior, and more. Your pet will also get a full physical examination from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. Vaccinations and testing will be performed as needed.

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