Special Orthopedic and Other Major Surgeries

Dog having an orthotic adjustedWhen your furry loved one needs orthopedic surgery, you can rely on our team at Chino Hills Parkway Pet Hospital to make things right. Dr. Singh can take care of dogs, cats, and other pets with orthopedic surgery that treats injuries, as well as a variety of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

What Medical Conditions Can Orthopedic Surgery Correct?

When your animal companion needs orthopedic care, consider contacting Dr. Singh to find out if orthopedic surgery is a treatment option. You might be surprised to learn about the many medical conditions that can be corrected or improved through this technologically-advanced treatment option. These include:

Certain Congenital Conditions

Congenital conditions entail any condition that your pet was born with. Oftentimes, congenital conditions aren’t evident until the animal grows into adulthood. It is then that the condition may cause serious lifestyle and health problems, such as digestive problems relating to spine malformation and more.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition that is very common in certain breeds of dogs, including German Shepherds. Orthopedic surgery can correct this situation.

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia can result after an injury or as a result of a genetic mutation. Either way, your veterinarian can help.

Fractures and Breaks

If your animal companion suffers any kind of fracture or break from an accident or other injury, it’s essential to get them to your veterinarian as soon as possible. The sooner that orthopedic surgery can be performed, the better the possible outcome.

Rupture of Ligaments

Rupture of ligaments can cause your furry loved one to become lame. When this type of injury occurs in both legs, the level of lameness can be devastating, impacting your pet’s emotional well-being and overall physical health. Fortunately, there are orthopedic surgery solutions that can correct the problem.

Certain Spine Issues

Spine issues in animals are more common than you may think, and they can cause serious ramifications to your pet’s health and lifestyle. Often, spine issues can be addressed through orthopedic surgery.

Choose Our Specialists for Your Pet’s Surgery 

Our team of orthopedic surgery specialists can help with these problems and more. Talk to a team member at (909) 606-8900 for treatment options for your pet.