Pet Tips

Pet Care Tips

All pets need to be examined at least once a year in order to prevent or detect health problems.

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If you have a puppy or kitten it is very important to begin the vaccines series at 6-8 weeks. Please call us at (909) 606-8900 for details. Vaccines are an essential part in maintaining the health of your pet(s). At our hospital we recommend regular vaccinations for cats and dogs to prevent diseases.

At Chino Hills Parkway Pet Hospital we recommend spaying and neutering your pets for the abundant benefits it brings to your pet's life. Spaying and neutering provides improved health, longer life, reduced behavior problems, fewer unwanted pets, and annual registration fees are less (with altered pets).

Your pet should be treated for fleas and ticks on a monthly basis. Fleas and ticks can also transmit diseases to your animals. Fleas cause flea allergy dermatitis to the pets. Flea and tick products can be used on a monthly basis, starting at 8 weeks of age in puppies and kittens.

Dental diseases cause numerous problems to your pet’s health. The health issues range from mouth odor, gum inflammation, tooth loss, and organ damage. Many dogs and cats develop dental disease at an early age. At Chino Hills Parkway Veterinary Hospital, we do dental cleaning and provide treatment for dental diseases under anesthetic. We have dental kits and antiseptic oral rinses available which are suitable for dogs and cats for in-home teeth brushing and cleaning.

Please call our hospital for more details at (909) 606-8900