Emergency Veterinary

sad cat on exam tableChino Hills Parkway Pet Hospital provides emergency services during regular business hours. We can handle emergency services post business hours; if we are not able to, we will refer you to the specialist clinic. After hours, the emergency clinic will be available.

As a loving pet owner, you already make sure that your pet gets routine medical treatment from Dr. Singh. But every now and then, you and your pet may need access to an emergency vet. 

Even healthy animals sometimes need special assistance that falls outside the normal treatments that veterinarians give. In those cases, it’s essential to have the name and contact information of an emergency veterinarian in Chino Hills.

What Situations Require an Emergency Veterinarian?

There are a variety of situations and circumstances when you might need to rely on an emergency vet. These include:

  • Sudden illness outside of normal vet hours
  • Pet involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Sudden reaction to new food
  • Sudden vomiting, mouth-frothing, or uncontrollable diarrhea
  • Fall or victim of physical mistreatment

These are not the only reasons to bring your pet to an emergency veterinarian, of course. Any life-threatening or dangerous situation that your pet is in may require immediate, emergency treatment.